To the south and back for the nothern lights

The 2nd day by car brought us to the south, final destination: Vik


From the distance, our first POI: The geothermal plant in Hellisheidi:

CIT_6021CIT_6031 CIT_6033CIT_6040

Short after the small town Selfoss, we had a look at Urridafoss:

CIT_6080 CIT_6092

Next stop: Seljalandsfoss:


“The Group” at Skogafoss and the beach in Vik:

CIT_6203 WP_20150317_15_41_07_Pro CIT_6257

The way to Dyrholaey was flodded, so we couldn’t pass, but nice pictures because of the flat water were possible:

CIT_6339 CIT_6331

Driving home, with a short halt in Selfoss for a sandwich and reaching our final destination for this day: Watching the sky for northern lights at the “Grotta” in Reykjavik.


Really impressive, what nature brings during the day, and the night. Everyone should have a look at this once in a lifetime 🙂

How much is the Fiskur?

or, what is up there in the West (North above Reykjavik)?

Our route for today brought us to the cities Akranes, Borgarnes, the Deildartunguhver (Hot Springs) and the Hraunfossar (Lava Falls):



The beach in Akranes:

CIT_5840and a 85 tons boat in the open air museum:


For lunch we stopped at “The Settlement Centre” in Borgarnes, with a breathtaking all-you-can-eat buffet.


Short stop at a random icy river:

DSC_0140haha .. who is this? .. candid shot from far far away 🙂 CIT_5901

Deildartunguhver (Hot Springs) – about 62 megawatts of power – and distribute heat via a 74 kilometers long pipeline – the longest of its kind in the world.

P1090504 DSC_0151 DSC_0149

Last stop was at the:

CIT_5933 CIT_5940

A realy nice trip, with a wide selection of things to see.


Back to Reykjavik, for dinner and .. obviously .. Crabbies (and, maybe not only our fault, but we left the 2nd bar, with no more Crabbies..) 🙂 – Tomorrow: Down to the South.

Cozy Sunday …

.. getting up late, breakfast and then walking again down to the EVE Monument (we figured out, the name finder we used yesterday was the wrong one, so we decided to go there again).


After few minutes we found all our names and took some pics of the tiles (here two examples of the ~ 150 tiles):


From the monument up to the catolic church and the old cemetery (some will remember it from 2013 🙂 ): CIT_5779

Our next destination was the National Museum of Iceland. And the icy pond Tjörnin in the center of Reykjavik:CIT_5804

For lunch we had nice pizzas and then went back to our hostel for a short chillout and started planning for the next two day-trips: Going north on Monday and south-east on Tuesday. To finalise the day, we (again 🙂 ) had sandwiches and some Crabbies – Looking forward for bed early, the next 2 days will be much to drive and see.

Reykjavik – The walkabout

Basic Hostel breakfast, and then, up to the Hallgrimskirkja.


6 crazy guys from the AEC (Austrian EvE Community on this pic):


Just a short stop at the “Toilet-Machine”:


Badass coastguard:


Burger lunch at the Hamborgarabúllan:


Down to the Harbour and lookin for some ships, fish and .. the EVE Monument .. (and as you can see, it was really hard, too find your own name on this ~ 150 tiles with about 1 mil of names on it ..)

14 15

A final walk to this “Hut on a grass hill” … Stunning view around the harbor from there .. but in the hut on the top was a stinky surprise .. it was full of FISH .. hangin around to dry ..

16 17

Just about to get into Saturday nightlife .. let’s get the beerriver flowing 😀 .. See ya tomorrow ..

Landed, Downtown and some hurricanes

We did it! Landed successfull in KEV and finaly got to our Hostel. 6 people room. Very nice 🙂

After a short walk through downtown we had an impressive sandwich from Hlölla Bátar.

1Steam pipes (comming from the underground of the city) on the central square of Reykjavik @ night:


Some Beers at different Bars (Crabbies .. again .. 😀 <3) and the Day was gone. Let’s see, what Saturday brings ..