Reykjavik – The walkabout

Basic Hostel breakfast, and then, up to the Hallgrimskirkja.


6 crazy guys from the AEC (Austrian EvE Community on this pic):


Just a short stop at the “Toilet-Machine”:


Badass coastguard:


Burger lunch at the HamborgarabĂșllan:


Down to the Harbour and lookin for some ships, fish and .. the EVE Monument .. (and as you can see, it was really hard, too find your own name on this ~ 150 tiles with about 1 mil of names on it ..)

14 15

A final walk to this “Hut on a grass hill” … Stunning view around the harbor from there .. but in the hut on the top was a stinky surprise .. it was full of FISH .. hangin around to dry ..

16 17

Just about to get into Saturday nightlife .. let’s get the beerriver flowing 😀 .. See ya tomorrow ..

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