Cozy Sunday …

.. getting up late, breakfast and then walking again down to the EVE Monument (we figured out, the name finder we used yesterday was the wrong one, so we decided to go there again).


After few minutes we found all our names and took some pics of the tiles (here two examples of the ~ 150 tiles):


From the monument up to the catolic church and the old cemetery (some will remember it from 2013 🙂 ): CIT_5779

Our next destination was the National Museum of Iceland. And the icy pond Tjörnin in the center of Reykjavik:CIT_5804

For lunch we had nice pizzas and then went back to our hostel for a short chillout and started planning for the next two day-trips: Going north on Monday and south-east on Tuesday. To finalise the day, we (again 🙂 ) had sandwiches and some Crabbies – Looking forward for bed early, the next 2 days will be much to drive and see.

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