Catholic Church, old cemetery, GM Roam

New Day, new things to see.

Our first walk an Tuesday brought us to the Landakotskirkja:




Around the Corner, we than took a walk at the old Hólavallagarður cemetery:





(This tulps represent a “view” at our condition during our whole Iceland trip – Sometimes heads up – often “hang-over” 🙂 )


As we left the cemetery, we saw GM Stinger on the overview with a fleet, and reacted on the advert, to join their roam 🙂 So we escorted one capsuleer to the City Hotel and then went back, to get to the CCP Office:




After lunch at a fish-restaurant in the harbor (all you can eat buffet – and a very good fish-soup 🙂 ) we had a short look at the harbor, to see a (rusty) Minmatar-Ship there:



Restocking at the supermarket and drinking some coffee at Polaris (shared flat of some CCP employees – these nerds had so much nice EVE related posters and so on there 🙂 ) we started again to go downtown, ready to get drunk again in the islenski bar.

Back in the hostel, many capsuleers sat around in the lobby – And we started to engange with Captain-Coke, Coke-Captain and Brennivin (And finally many of that capsuleers got owned by the captain 🙂 )





On Monday morning we rented a car (little Suzuki Swift …). Our Austrian Capsuleer friend Oliver decided to go with us. And after we got picked up at the hostel and were brought to the local Europcar rental service center we got the keys for the car. After checking the weather conditions for our planned route, the journey was about to begin … (During the day we found out, weather forecasts in iceland are far far away from reality 🙂 – Weather is changing every 5 minutes, from sun, to snow, to rain, to storm, to hail and back …)



First target on our route was Urriðafoss:




Next stop was at Seljalandsfoss: It was a very wet walk, BEHIND the waterfall 🙂 (click the picture below, to get a high resolution version, and see people walking there)




Some kilometers/miles later, we arrived at one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland: Skogarfoss

As you can see, people are very small on the picture 🙂 – On the second picture you can see the stairs at about the half way up … Getting sweaty and wet from rain was a very “funny” experience …




Finally the EVE nerds (gasping for oxygen) made it up there 🙂



A short (and extreme windy, so we are short of pictures) stop at Dyrhólaey:



Finaly we arrived in Vík í Mýrdal. A small church, few houses – And a black beach. Nice fact: If earth would be flat like a pancake, you would be able to see the SOUTHPOLE from Vik. There is nothing in between.




Last target was few minutes following the street to the east – The black wildlands – Glacier-Melting-Area (Besides endless black flat plains there were destroyed street parts):





Glad, to be back at the hostel and get rid of our wet clothes and heating up in the shower, we started a relaxed EVEning at the hostel, just drinking few Captain-Cokes and fell asleep, exhausted from this more than 12 hour, freaky weather, much to see, get much impressions, trip 🙂


Our Route (and then back to Reykjavik):


sunday .. – or “how to deal with the hangover”

Today we made a trip through Reykjavik … Was funny to run around with that “little” hangover 🙂

Here a Google Map, with our waypoints:


Google Maps Link


Our first target was the harbor (in rust, we trust :)), the Harpa and the little lighttower at the harbor:







As it was a very nice day and the weather was absolutely fine, we decided to walk up the “mountain” to see the Hallgrímskirkja. Here some pictures from the way to the kirkja (church) and some nice shots from the top of the tower:







After getting some refill at cafe Loki we went to the city-hall and the Tjömin pond. And had a very informative walk in the national museum of Iceland:




To be prepared for Monday, we just went out for few drinks and decided to go home early. We were at the English Pub with another capsuleer who also is from Vienna, Oliver – And after a few Crabbies, we decided to get addicted to it 🙂


the journey of 2 capsuleers begins ..

It all started on Saturday, 20th of April 2013 (YC 115)

After flying from Vienna to Frankfurt and waiting (and drinking beer) for about 5 hours, we finally got seated in our plane to Reykjavík.

About 3 and a half hours later (with no snacks and just water on board … ( for everything else icelandic air would let you pay …) we landed on the airport in Keflavik (KEF) … seemed to be highsec here …

First impression at the airport (after getting some local and non local alcohol in the durty-free shop) were big signs of EVE fanfest:



Here some pics from our bus-drive from Keflavik to downtown:







Check-in at the hostel and engrossing the room was easily done. And we met the first EVE players. First intel was exchanged and so we got our first nice sandwiches. The best thing we could do, after this long trip.

Next stage on our intel list was to probe out the bars at downtown. There were some CCP Alliance members on D-Scan 🙂 So we approached the bar and started to engage. Big thanx to CCP Stinger and some GM colleagues, to create a “roundtable” in the with us .. The evening was about to start … (Besides CCP Dolan, CCP Fozzie and CCP SocksFour many other devs and players joined the “fight” against the pure evil of alcohol 🙂 )