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Here we go again

Yes, yes .. Here we go again .. back to Iceland .. back to Fanfest ..Fanfest_2015_Logo

But this year we are far more capsuleers attending this Iceland trip. Six in numbers: Citysnake, Flash, FLASH, Steewee, Andyt and me. And we are all looking forward to heaving a safe flight to Reykjavik tomorrow and also having an enjoyable stay in Iceland for the following 10 days.

Here just few things, we will be attending and enjoying:

.) Full solar eclipse on 20th March. More infos here:

.) Trip through Reykjavik and Iceland, depending on weather conditions.

.) Golden Circle with an EVE Online Dev. More infos here:

.) EVE Fanfest 2015


So, stay prepared to get daily updates on our trip, pictures, videos and funny texts.